Joseph Andolino | Motivation and Productivity

What Can Motivate Employees and Make a Company A Great Place To Work?

Joseph Andolino

Employee Motivation and productivity

Joseph Andolino points out, management is responsible for guiding, communicating, training and motivating employees to effectively inspire them to fulfill company objectives. This is absolutely necessary for  success and is closely related to leadership. However, many employees don’t feel motivated to strive for better performance.

According to a study,

  • 73% of respondents consider that making flexible working hours as needed, motivates employees
  • 62% believe that when managers keep their promises the environment becomes more inspiring
  • Equal opportunities came in at 87%, while fair treatment regardless of sex came in at 84%
  • Recognition of work came in at 59%

These measures are essential to attract and retain talent and boost productivity.

Joseph Andolino reminds us, there are many tips to motivate employees and boost performance yet many companies, looking at their bottom line, are implementing few, if any motivating factors.

It is important that companies be open to new ideas, listen and learn to recognize what works and what doesn’t.

Joseph Andolino has helped many companies achieve success, and as a leader and former VP, Joe understands the importance  of employee motivation.

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Joseph Andolino Motiviation and Productivity
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